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We at Agilenobel provide products to make your products healthy and long lasting.

AGILENOBEL derives its name from the words ‘Agile’ meaning nimble, ever evolving and ever changing and ‘Nobel’ which indicates a vision to do something long lasting, worth remembering and be served as an example.

AN is a Globally Networked conglomerate managing supply chains for diversified industries across the world.

We work in the areas of diverse chemicals, machineries and performance packaging materials.

With offices and manufacturing facilities in Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa and USA, we manufacture wide range of industrial inputs and manage global marketing for some of the giant manufacturing companies who collaborate with us to provide best quality products at the most economical prices.

AgileNobel carries an experience of more than 15 years in managing supply chains for various customers across the globe.

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With offices and manufacturing facilities in