Construction Chemicals

Various,Will Depend on Product

Construction chemicals are one of the core and strong areas of our manufacturing and sourcing.

We offer the widest range of bulk and construction treatment products covering inorganic and organic products.

Select a product from the below list and share your enquiry to enable us to get back with pricing and details.

Magnesium Cements: Solutions to Usage and Durability Problems.

  • Magnesium Phosphates for Construction
  • Silica Fume: 97% while the industry standard is 93%
  • Powdered Form Nano Silicas where low SSA of 20-50m2/gm is required
  • Liquid Nano Silicas
  • Lithium Nitrates , Carbonates, Hydroxides and Silicates

Concrete Admixtures

Accelerating Products
  • Alkali Free Accelerators Yes
  • Aluminum Sulfate (Alum)
  • Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxide
  • Air Entrainers, De-foaming & Foaming Agents

Plasticiser Products

  • Ligno-Sulfonate
  • Ligno-Sulfonate (best for oilfield applications and only source)
  • Melamine Formaldehyde Sulfonate
  • Poly Naphthalene Sulfonate (PNS)
  • Poly Phosphonic Super-Plasticisers
  • Poly-Carboxylates (PCE)

Retarding Products

  • Phosphonates
  • Sodium Gluconate
  • Tartaric Products


  • Lithium Nitrate
  • Ground Glass
  • Silica Fume (also white silica fume)

Ready mix Concrete & Shotcrete Product Categories

  • Alkali Free Accelerators (Dry Form)
  • Aluminium Sulfate (Alum)
  • Amorphous Aluminium Hydroxide
  • Fibers
  • Microspheres
  • Lithium Carbonate
  • Lithium Silicate

Drymix Product Categories

  • Anhydrite (Calcium Sulfate Anhydrous)
  • Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC)
  • Calcium Sulfo Aluminate Cement (CSA)
  • Fibers
  • Ligno-Sulfonates
  • Lithium Carbonate
  • Melamine Formaldehyde Sulfonate
  • Microspheres
  • Poly Naphthalene Sulfonate (PNS)
  • Poly-Carboxylates (PCE)
  • Re-dispersible Powders
  • MCE, HPMC, Cellulose Ethers
  • Sodium Gluconate
  • Tartaric Products
  • White Cement
  • White Nano silica
  • Alumina

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