While packaging itself takes care of so much of the products they transfer, there are some add-ons which make their task of protecting the valuable products 100% complete.

These small but important items protect, extend and ensure that the she lf life and quality of the products are maintained during the entire transport and usable period of products.

Oxygen Absorber

Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen Absorbers are used to maintain the oxygen levels inside any packaged product to less than 0.01% thus ensuring quality, crispness and shelf life of the product.

Type: Different sachet sizes in terms of volume of oxygen removal required

Humidity Indicator

Humidity Indicator Card

At Agile Nobel, we primarily provide two types of humidity indicator cards – HumiChek® Humidity Indicator Cards and HumiChek-FC Cobalt Free Indicators. Let’s discuss in detail about both the types of humidity indicator cards.

Industrial Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals

We are all here to provide every industrial product used with best in quality parameters.

Organo Clay

Organo Clay

BS-1C-AD is an organo-clay for oil-based drilling mud (fluid). It can suspend cuttings and weight materials well in the drilling fluids, which is conducive to preparing high-density or ultra-high-density oil-based drilling fluids.

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