Applications of Humidity Indicator Card

Applications of Humidity Indicator Card

HumiChek-FC is cobalt free Humidity Indicator Cards.



The indicator is a non-cobalt humidity indicator which is not classified as hazardous.

    • Electronics components and electrical equipment like PCB, circuits, testing equipment, etc.
    • Automobiles and automotive parts
    • Glass and related products
    • Metals and fabrications made from metals
    • Wooden articles, furniture, pallets, and crates
    • Food and packed products
    • Agri and commodity produce tea, coffee, rice, pulses which are very sensitive to moisture
    • Bulk chemicals, minerals, etc.
    • API, pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs
    • In-home for your various items like electronics, beddings, quilts, shoes, cupboards, etc.

HIC is used only to indicate humidity levels and do not eliminate moisture. For moisture removal, Desiccant sachets are used along with HIC.

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