While packaging itself takes care of so much of the products they transfer, there are some add-ons which make their task of protecting the valuable products 100% complete.

These small but important items protect, extend and ensure that the she lf life and quality of the products are maintained during the entire transport and usable period of products.

Some of such valuable products we offer are:

  • Oxygen absorbers for removal of Oxygen from any air proof packaging ( Both FDA and Non-FDA series)
  • Humidity Indicator Cards for indication of humidity and moisture
  • CE/GMP/FDA approved special packaging films and poly bags for packing and storage of pharma/API products and medical devices and components

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Tyvek Equivalent Paper

T40 PAPER is one of composite wrapping material developed after years of efforts.

It can be used as desiccant packing laminate. The structure of T40 has been developed according to different requirements of applications.

Water resistance type (WPT), strong seal type (SST), integrated type (IT).


WPT can be used to pack liquid, in the desiccant industry. Customer can use this to pack calcium chloride, because this material can ventilate but does not liquid leak. SST is aimed at high strength seal requirements, it can pack 1kg clay desiccant and pass the 3 meters drop test more than times without being damaged.

T40-IT is an integrated type, it has strong water resistance capacity but not stronger than WPT, its seal strength is as stronger as SST, mostly we supply to some company who need dust free and strong sealing wrapping material.

Write to us with your slit width/roll width requirements and quantities to submit quote and samples.


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